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Our Mission
Ultimately, everything we do is grounded in a greater purpose: to help create families for every Intended Parent regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.
Our Core Values
Trust is the essence of honest relationships. It is the reliance on one's integrity, strength and ability. To trust in another's honesty brings hope.
Hope is the belief in the future, that all dreams are possible. It is the hope that provides the feeling that something desired may truly happen. Hope is inspiration.
To inspire is to pass beyond the boundary of what was once unattainable and to breathe new life into all possibilities.
What we offer
At NewGen Families, we offer full surrogacy services under the one roof. From the beginning of your surrogacy journey to the end and beyond, NewGen Families will coordinate everything for you.
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Welcome to NewGen Families. My name is Damien and I am very proud to be the CEO of this magnificent organisation.

I am also a very proud Father through Surrogacy. Thanks to our incredibly selfless surrogate, Evie, my son Nathaniel was born in Phoenix, Arizona in October 2018.

When I recall my personal journey as an International Intended Parent, I remember how overwhelming it seemed while trying to understand and make decisions on complex matters throughout the various surrogacy milestones in a foreign land with its own laws, medical protocols and healthcare and insurance systems. I knew that so many fellow Intended Parents also shared the same experience. It was from this experience, and having the privilege in the past 3 years to consult with hundreds of Intended Parents from around the world, and manage countless surrogacy journeys, that NewGen Families was born.

NewGen is a brand of trust, hope and inspiration. We believe in the power and beauty of bringing Intended Parents and amazing Surrogates together in order to build families. As a result, we have built tailored programs to provide exceptional levels of service and support to both parties from the very beginning of your journey until you complete your family. 

The past 18+ months have presented additional challenges for Intended Parents who are navigating their surrogacy journeys. The impact of COVID-19 has reinforced the need for Intended Parents to be supported by an experienced team of professionals to navigate the additional challenges that they currently face.

I am extremely proud of Florian and Quim, our International Directors in Europe, who have cultivated their experience and creativity to help Intended Parents overcome the challenges faced throughout a global pandemic. I am inspired by our Intended Parents from Europe and in particular those from Australia, who have endured lockdowns and travel bans during their journey to parenthood. And I am extremely grateful to be partnering with Dr Russell Foulk and his team of industry experts whose passion and commitment to helping others achieve their dreams of becoming parents is unrivalled. 

As the CEO of NewGen Families, I want you to know that if your dream is to become a parent, we can help you, no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status or even throughout a global pandemic.

As we learn to live with Covid, our goal is simple and clear: for NewGen's community to come together and inspire one another, build trust with one another and create hope for future families. On behalf of the entire NewGen Families team, we look forward to supporting you as you take the next steps in fulfilling your dreams and building your beautiful family, a NewGen Family!

Our Team

Damien Chambers
Campbell Sallabank
Donnye Sabo
Surrogate Director
Leah Beverly
Director of Surrogate Diversity & Inclusion
team skye
Skye McLean
Embryo/Sperm Shipment Coordinator
Tanja Vucic
Director of Digital Marketing
portrait sophie
Sophie White
Creative Design
Brian Klein
Legal Counsel
for Intended Parents
Alton Moore
In House Legal Counsel
team nisha
Nisha Kolhatkar
Brady Russell
Technical Director
We are proud to partner with Dr Russell Foulk and his incredible team at Nevada Fertility Center (NFC) and Utah Fertility Center (UFC)
team russell
Dr Russel Foulk (UFC/NFC)
3rd Party Reproduction Director
team tonya
Tonya Canaday
3rd Party Clinic Director
Crystal Rosburg
3rd Party Clinic Director
team sarah
Sarah Herring
Egg Donor Co-ordinator

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Colombia FAQs
Can I be a Surrogate if I am not vaccinated for Covid-19?

NewGen Families does not require you to be vaccinated for Covid-19 at this time. However, not being vaccinated will result in longer wait times for a possible match, as most clinics and Intended Parents are requesting and requiring that Surrogates be fully vaccinated.

How will I be supported throughout my surrogacy journey?

As a NewGen Surrogate, you will be matched with a Case Manager who will guide, nurture, and advise you on this incredible journey.

Why are the Surrogate qualifications so restrictive?

NewGen Families follow ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) guidelines to ensure that Intended Parents are working with a Surrogate who has minimal to low risks during their pregnancy. This is a very expensive process for our Intended Parents. Therefore, we want to limit any additional costs that may occur during a surrogacy pregnancy.

Why should I choose to work with an agency instead of being an independent Surrogate?

Navigating a surrogacy journey without using an agency can be risky. By using an agency, you are working with experts (experienced Surrogates) who work with a Dream Team to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Do I need a health insurance policy to become a Surrogate?

No. NewGen Families Surrogates do not need health insurance policies to become a Surrogate. If you are not insured and you qualify to match with our Intended Parent/s, you will be provided with a health insurance plan specifically purchased for your surrogacy journey. All co-pays for any surrogacy related visits will be reimbursed after providing a receipt. Any co-pays for a non-surrogacy related manner will be paid by yourself.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement between a qualified carrier (woman/Surrogate) and another party (Intended Parent/s) where the woman agrees to carry the other party’s baby because they cannot do so themselves.

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