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Looking for a Surrogate? Discover how to find the perfect Surrogate match by utilizing five simple questions. Let us help you ensure surrogacy success from the very first meeting!

Dive into International Surrogacy and explore questions Intended Parents may share about finding Surrogates, choosing agencies and financing Surrogacy overseas.

There is no denying that surrogacy law is convoluted. The legal framework varies internationally, and the results can depend on the circumstances of each case. Before getting too overwhelmed, let's dive into surrogacy law together. 

In this article, we utilize shared experiences of Surrogates to shed light on the role of Surrogacy agencies as a safer and more beneficial choice for Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers alike.

Explore 'How Does Surrogacy Work?' as we dive into the 4 stages of the Surrogacy process: medical, legal, embryo transfer and ultimately, pregnancy.

While it's impossible to predict the entirety of the surrogacy experience, our team sheds light on 5 exciting events that await you in the surrogacy timeline!

Today’s article is guided by our core value of inclusivity. Join us as we answer the top 5 FAQs about the requirements for Surrogacy!

Dive into the Egg Donation process as we explore the IVF procedure and qualifications involved in donating your eggs.

While we wholeheartedly advocate prioritizing health and safety, it is crucial to contextualize the many concerns potential Egg Donors share. This is why our team at NewGen Families is delighted to share the experiences of a four-time Egg Donor.


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