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What is a Third-Party Coordinator and why are they important?

The role of a Third-Party Coordinator: A conversation with Marin Boggs of Nevada Fertility Center

At NewGen Families, we understand the challenge Intended Parents and Surrogates face when first meeting with a clinic or a surrogacy agency. 

International families who place their dreams in a stranger’s hands, in a foreign land with its own laws, medical protocols, healthcare, and insurance systems, may find the statement above especially true. 

Who do you turn to when seeking guidance during a life-changing journey like surrogacy? Who do you trust to provide you with imperative advice and instruction? And, most importantly, who has the knowledge and experience to guide you through every vital step of the surrogacy process?

The answer to the questions above is the Third-Party Coordinator. If you are interested in what that entails, we interviewed Marin Boggs – Nevada Fertility Center‘s trusted Third-party Coordinators, to shed light on the vital support she provides throughout the surrogacy and IVF process.

Explore the importance of the Third-Party Coordinator below and start your surrogacy journey today.

Marin Boggs, Third-Party Coordinator at Nevada Fertility Center

What is a Third-Party Coordinator?

Whether you’re an Intended Parent or Surrogate, you will soon discover that your Third-Party Coordinator is not only your first introduction to an IVF clinic, but they are also the vital link between all ‘third-party patients’ in any surrogacy arrangement.

Third-party patients may include an Egg Donor, a Gestational Carrier, or a known Sperm Donor. No matter who the patient is, the Third-party Coordinator works in partnership with an agency to ensure everyone involved is well-connected and taken care of throughout the entire surrogacy process. 

The role of the Third-party Coordinator demands not only a robust skill set but also the ability to infuse a compassionate, human element into the realm of the medical and IVF process.

“As the first point of contact, we serve as the face of the journey, providing that very first phone call and acting as the introduction to the clinic. Our initial conversation with Intended Parents is straightforward, aimed at keeping things manageable and less overwhelming. Depending on the parents’ needs, we guide them through the IVF process including whether an Egg Donor is necessary.” 

“At the clinic, the Third Party Coordinator is there to greet the Surrogate and to greet the Intended Parents. While ensuring the Surrogate’s comfort during the embryo transfer itself, we also work behind the scenes to coordinate various aspects, including access to our Egg Donor database. Our database boasts approximately 300 Egg Donor options for the Intended Parents to consider.”

“The Donor aspect of the surrogacy process can be somewhat time-consuming. There’s a fair amount of back-and-forth involved because we must meticulously verify that neither the Intended Parents nor the Egg Donor share any genetic diseases.”

Marin’s History in Assisted Reproductive Technology 

Applying her unyielding drive and dedication toward a career in Assisted Reproductive Technology, Marin shares and understands the deep desire of Intended Parents to create a family: 

“I adopted my son because I was unable to have children of my own. I know what it’s like to have that extreme urge to become a parent. It was my only dream and my body just wouldn’t allow me to do so. Seven years later, I ended up having a high-risk pregnancy but I gave birth to my daughter. Today, I have the best of both worlds. With Intended Parents, I see the look in their eyes and what this journey means to them. The timeframe, the financial aspect, everything about it, and when I talk to these parents, I just want to give them a baby.” 

Marin reflects on her affection towards her chosen profession: “My passion is helping families all over the world. As a Third-Party Coordinator, I’m an aunty to babies all over, and I get pictures on WhatsApp all day long”.

It didn’t take long for Marin to fall in love with surrogacy, excelling at managing her agency’s intake team of recruiters, as well as managing Intended Parents, achieving excellent results by bringing both parties together to create memorable matches. 

However, it was a chance encounter with internationally renowned and highly experienced reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Russell Foulk, at a dinner hosted by her agency that convinced Marin to join his team of dedicated staff at Nevada Fertility Center. 

“I fell in love with his passion”, she explains, “I never thought about joining the clinic side until meeting him. I have certainly met with many doctors that I have a lot of respect for and have very close relationships with but just his passion to help people and what he is willing to do to help, how calm and amazing he is. He sold me right there. I thought to myself that if he ever has something, I’m going to go work for him. Sure enough, 4 months later, and here I am. I came specifically for Dr. Foulk and his passion for helping families. I just fell in love with it.”

Third-Party Coordinators: Leading with Empathy

Marin’s infectious personality and warm spirit are a welcome comfort to both Surrogates and Intended Parents: 

“Having a human side to this industry is so important. Having trust with the people you work with. I think having that trusted relationship between the clinic and the agency is huge, to be able to communicate with each other while contributing our personal experiences. At Nevada Fertility Center, we all have the same passion for what we do so it’s finding that balance with what works with everyone”. 

The surrogacy process may be similar across the country, but it is the people involved in your journey that will make it so unique, special, and memorable. 

Marin encapsulates this message with a simple and transparent ethos: “If you have someone who is caring, who understands and has compassion, I think it helps the entire surrogacy process”. 


The role of the Third-party Coordinator is not just about navigating the complexities of the medical and IVF process. It’s also about providing the essential human connection and support that makes the surrogacy journey more manageable and compassionate for everyone involved.

Ultimately, Third-Party Coordinators are crucial in guiding Intended Parents and Surrogates through each step, from the initial contact to the final transfer. It is an individual like Marin who follows her vocation with endless energy and devotion to help those in need to fulfill their dreams that makes all the difference.

Are you ready to embark on your surrogacy journey with confidence and compassion? Join our NewGen Family and let our experienced team guide you every step of the way.

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