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Demystifying egg donation: debunk 4 famous myths on becoming an Egg Donor

Separating Fact From Fiction: An Honest Introduction to the World of Egg Donation

Our voyage into the world of Surrogacy has been nothing short of comprehensive, as reflected in our previous blog posts on the topic (feel free to explore them here!). 

However, one crucial element has remained untouched and that is the topic of Egg Donation. As you will come to realize, finding the right Egg Donor is an integral aspect of the Surrogacy process. In fact, ‘infertility treatments involving the use of donated eggs now account for 7% of all treatment globally’ (Sociology of Health & Illness, 2023). And our expert team at NewGen Families would like to finally shed light on this vital aspect of the journey.

In this article, we dive into the intricacies of Egg Donation, dispelling four common misconceptions about the Egg Donation process. Our aim is to leave our readers with a well-rounded understanding of the entire Surrogacy journey, leaving no stone left unturned.

So, stay tuned for this enlightening discussion on a subject that is often misunderstood but remains close to our hearts. It’s time to separate fact from fiction on all things Egg Donation! 

Myth #1: Egg Retrieval Surgery affects future fertility by significantly reducing your egg count.

A common misunderstanding surrounding Egg Donation is the belief that it significantly affects one’s fertility. The truth is, however, that women are born with a vast supply of eggs in their ovaries, numbering in the millions. 

While this count gradually decreases until menopause, women in their 20s and 30s still retain approximately 300,000 – 500,000 eggs (Dr. Suruchi Thakore, 2022). The Egg Retrieval Surgery, on the other hand, typically retrieves only 5 – 24 eggs for donation, resulting in a reduction of just ~ 0.005% in egg count.

While every medical procedure carries some risks, including those which stimulate estrogen levels, there is “no convincing evidence” suggesting a direct correlation between the use of fertility drugs in Egg Donation and adverse health effects, such as Ovarian Cancer (The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2013).

NewGen Families works closely with leading fertility clinics to facilitate the Egg Donation process. Please note that while our team consists of dedicated professionals and experienced Surrogates, we are not medical practitioners and cannot provide specific medical advice regarding the IVF process and Egg Retrieval Surgery.

If you choose to donate eggs, you should always prioritize your health and safety by staying informed about the potential yet rare side effects of the Egg Donation process and the Egg Retrieval Surgery.

Myth #2: An Egg Donor can assume parental responsibility for the child. 

The misconception that an Egg Donor can assume parental responsibility for the Intended Child is a common one. 

When we examine this myth rationally, it becomes clear that women who choose to donate eggs are motivated by a sincere desire to help Intended Parents expand their families. The notion that they’ll fight to retract their offering is thus entirely unfounded, particularly given the complex and thoughtful nature of egg retrieval in the Egg Donation process.

Surrogacy Agencies work hard to protect the legal rights of all involved. At NewGen Families, we prioritize the interests of Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates by connecting all parties with an independent ART lawyer, guiding them through essential legal contracts, parental rights waivers, informed consent releases and confidentiality agreements. 

As an Intended Parent, a dedicated NewGen Case Manager will also be available to assist you in accessing our comprehensive donor database, ensuring you find an Egg Donor who is medically suitable and aligns with your preferences.

If you are interested in Egg Donation, either as an Intended Parent or as a potential Egg Donor, book your free consultation with one of NewGen Families trusted team members!

Myth #3: Egg Donation is an unethical practice that can be simplified to simply “selling eggs” for profit.

There are two central ethical concerns surrounding Egg Donation: the issue of informed consent and the potential risk of exploiting women in vulnerable financial situations. In any domain, it is crucial to support organizations that adhere to a robust ethical framework. By prioritizing ethical considerations, we can ensure the well-being and dignity of those involved in the Egg Donation process.

Reputable Surrogacy Agencies recognize the significance of compensating Egg Donors fairly. Even though some may misinterpret their compensation as pay for ‘selling eggs’, t is actually a reflection of the commitment and physical investment required from Egg Donors to help families. This makes it a significant decision that should not be taken lightly.

Furthermore, NewGen Families employs a meticulous Screening Process for potential Egg Donors to ensure the utmost care and safety of all parties involved. This thorough evaluation helps us select individuals who are well-suited to the Egg Donation process. The most stringent criteria for our Egg Donors is that they are driven, first and foremost, by the genuine desire to help Intended Parents realize their dreams of starting a family.

Myth #4: Egg Donation should always be kept hidden from the child.

In recent times, Egg Donation has sparked discussions about whether to disclose donor conception to children, with an emphasis on parental discretion (Fertility and Sterility, 2018). However, emerging research challenges this assumption, as revealed in the same article:

  • Children typically respond to information about donor conception with curiosity or indifference, rather than distress.
  • Parents who choose to disclose the truth generally view the overall impact as either neutral or positive.
  • Offspring who were informed about donor conception during childhood tend to be more at ease with the concept than those who learned about it as adults.

These findings highlight the critical importance of open and honest communication when dealing with the Egg Donation process, as it profoundly influences the emotional well-being of the children involved.

In fact, our very own CEO – Damien Chambers, has experienced the joy of conceiving a child through Egg Donation and has developed a profound connection with the Egg Donor and their family. Beyond the role of Egg Donation as an infertility treatment, Damien has found a new loving family for him and his child.

At NewGen Families, we celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of every family dynamic. We firmly believe that families are formed in unexpected and beautiful ways. As a result, the circumstances of Egg Donation for each home should never be a one-size-fits-all situation.

Discover more about Damien’s story here!

Damien and his child Nate who was conceived via Surrogacy and Egg Donation
Damien and his 4-year-old, Nate, who was conceived via Surrogacy with the help of Egg Donation


We hope that by debunking the myths above, our team at NewGen Families has shown you that Egg Donation is much more than simply “selling eggs” for profit. Instead, Egg Donation unveils a world of magic where the true value lies in helping families fulfill their dreams.

If you are considering pursuing Egg Donation or have any questions about our services, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of creating a beautiful family together and allow NewGen Families be your partner in this transformative experience.

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