Gestational surrogacy and the costs associated with it

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IVF and surrogacy are significant investments. From securing surrogate-friendly insurance to finding
the best surrogacy agencies, the average cost of gestational surrogacy fees in the US can amount to
over $100,000.

But what are the individual costs included within this amount? In this article, we answer the
question, ‘how much does a surrogate cost?’, as well as provide tips on how to afford the
investment and even grants available for gestational surrogacy.

Potential Surrogacy Fees You May Encounter

The average cost of gestational surrogacy does not amount to a one-size-fits-all figure. There are
many fees and expenses that expectant families will encounter, so here is a breakdown of some
major IVF and surrogacy costs that need to be considered during gestational surrogacy.

Management Fees from Surrogacy Agencies

From medical screenings to surrogate-friendly insurance, it is important for couples looking for a
surrogate mother to explore all their options to find a dependable service they can afford.
At NewGen Families, we strive to be one of the best surrogacy agencies available by providing our
clients with a high level of support. In doing so, we have a fixed Agency Fee of $25,000, a Carrier
Provider Admin Fee of $5,000 and an Escrow Management Fee of $1,500.

Gestational Carrier Costs

Surrogate Compensation

Once you find your surrogate mother, payment will be made directly as compensation for carrying
and having a baby on your family’s behalf. People often ask, ‘how much does a surrogate cost on
average?’, but this is a complex question, with an answer varying based on several factors, such as
whether the surrogate mother has undertaken this process before.
When you work with us at NewGen Families, you can use our range of estimated fees to help you
begin planning your finances. These fees include the following:

• Carrier matching fees of approximately $15,000
• $45,000 in Gestational Carrier Fees
• $600 for Surrogate-Friendly Life Insurance
• A monthly stipend for the Carrier of approximately $3,000
• $1,000 Embryo Transfer Fee
• Approximately $1,200 for psychological evaluations for the surrogate mother and IPs

Surrogate Contingent Fees

From delivering twins to an unexpected C-Section, several medical reasons could generate
unforeseen costs for the surrogate mother and the intended family. Therefore, contingent fees
should be anticipated to ensure you can comfortably afford these expenses.

At NewGen Families, we provide the best estimations for our clients to plan for potential contingent
fees they can afford, including:
• $2,000 for travel and meals
• $1,000 for maternity clothing
• $5,000-$10,000 for Covid Vaccinations
• Actual costs of lost wages due to travel or medical reasons
• Invasive procedures like a C-Section ($2,000), full hysterectomy ($10,000), or Ectopic
Pregnancy ($1,000), among others

Surrogate-Friendly Insurance

Many standard insurance plans do not provide average coverage for IVF and surrogate pregnancy.
Finding the best surrogate-friendly insurance is of the utmost importance to expecting families, as
this will ensure you can afford all medical costs by covering expenses throughout the pregnancy and
delivery. At NewGen Families, we recommend setting aside an estimated $15,000 for the
Surrogate’s medical insurance.

IVF & Medical Services

During the IVF process, couples looking to have a child may have already started to create embryos
before finding a surrogate mother. A Full Egg Program with NewGen Families carries a fixed price of
H3. Average Legal Fees & Costs
It is essential to consult a lawyer who will create and provide you with the documentation you need
to navigate the IVF and surrogacy processes and offer advice on areas like surrogate-friendly
insurance and potential grants. Our team at NewGen Families offers fixed costs to consider when
creating a plan you can afford, including:
• $3,500 for GCA
• $5,000 for a Parentage Order
• $1,500 for Carrier’s Attorney Fees
• $450 for an Insurance Review

Grants for Gestational Surrogacy

The expenses associated with gestational surrogacy can become expensive and seemingly out of
reach for the average family. However, several grants are available within the US, so it is essential to
research your best options to help you afford surrogacy.

Surrogacy Grants

A range of organisations collects donations and award non-repayable funds to support families
struggling to afford surrogacy. Some of the best surrogacy grants include:
• Pay it Forward Fertility Grants for fertility treatments at clinics that are members of the
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)
• Baby Quest Foundation Grants
• Family Formation Charitable Trust (AARTA)
• Journey to Parenthood Grant
• Life Grants
• Tinia Q. Cade Foundation Family Building Grant

Find Support on Your Journey with NewGen Families

To learn more about what you can expect from gestational surrogacy or for help finding a surrogate
mother, surrogate-friendly insurance and more, contact us at NewGen Families today or browse our
full cost breakdown.
We are dedicated to helping every intended parent realise their dream of a family, so please email or call +1 (702) 818 7783.

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