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Demystifying surrogacy: a comprehensive guide to surrogacy at NewGen

An In-Depth Introduction to Surrogacy, Debunking Common Myths and Exploring NewGen’s Client Support Processes

In childhood, the journey towards parenthood appears straightforward; we grow up, get married and you have a baby. The simplicity of childbearing is a phenomenon consistently reinforced by the shared experiences of our community, as well as our own perceptions of the family-unit. For this reason, nontraditional routes to family building – such as Surrogacy – are regularly misunderstood.

At NewGen, we recognise all paths to parenthood are unique and meaningful in their own way, and must be celebrated as such. In this article, we introduce our Demystifying Surrogacy series, helping Intended Parents distinguish fact from fiction. So, let’s get myth- busting! Discover more about why you should consider Surrogacy at NewGen as an opportunity to grow your family.


Myth #1: Intended Parents pursuing Surrogacy will miss out on vital bonding experiences traditional births ‘guarantee’

At NewGen Families our aim is to provide every Intended Parent with the guidance and support they need so they can focus on their relationship with their Surrogate and the excitement of growing their family.” .

Damien Chambers, CEO

Just as all parents operate differently after childbirth, pre-birth paths and their respective experiences vary from person to person as well. Families, more often than not, are found in ways we least expect and all pathways to parenthood are special in their own right. The misconception that Intended Parents pursuing Surrogacy are less emotionally attached to their newborn undermines the significance of the entire journey at all: to expand and nurture your family.

Bonding with your baby occurs postpartum. However, we like to prepare our clients by designing a Surrogacy Program for you as an Intended Parent, and more importantly, as an individual. Our dedicated team of experts will handle every detail, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in the joy and experience of building your family. 

Your Case Manager will regularly touch base with you, pre and postpartum, to ensure the well-being of you and your family, as well as oversee your relationship with your Surrogate of choice. 

Explore our Surrogacy Program Timeline to gain insight into the array of experiences that await you as an Intended Parent.

Myth #2: Surrogacy via an agency is not altruistic as monetary gain is involved

“Life is a gift, and being able to create that gift for others, is one of the highest standards that I hold myself as a surrogate, as a mother. To help somebody else and make their dreams come true.”

Chanel, third-time Surrogate at NewGen

Some IPs may be concerned that collaboration with an agency is the less altruistic alternative to pursuing Surrogacy. Collaboration with an Independent Surrogate may appear less bureaucratic, perhaps even more ‘ethical’, but make no mistake, Commercial Surrogacy is inherently altruistic.

NewGen’s thorough Screening Process, ensures that our Surrogates are motivated, first and foremost, by the desire to help Intended Parents achieve their dream of starting a family. Our role, as an organization, is to provide our clients with the resources, guidance, and freedom to shape the Surrogacy experience according to their desires and values.

NewGen prioritizes the well-being and best interests of all parties involved, placing the welfare of the child at the forefront. Our goal is to facilitate a safe and transparent process that respects the rights and dignity of everyone involved.

Myth #3: The surrogate could assume parental responsibility for the child

“Our team works to match you with an egg donor and Surrogate, to connect you with a trusted and experienced fertility clinic, a law firm, escrow management firm and health insurance experts who will help you navigate the important medical, legal and financial decisions you need to make on your family building journey

NewGen Mission, 2023

Next, let’s address the misconception that a potential Surrogate may assume parental responsibility for your child after birth. We understand this concern can be a source of worry for Intended Parents. However, this is why working with an agency is the most secure way of pursuing Surrogacy based pathways to starting your family.

In addition to our careful selection of Surrogates, NewGen meticulously oversees all legal and contractual aspects to safeguard your parental rights. The process includes walking you through selecting your legal aid, escrow management procedures, and ensuring all parties involved respect and fully understand the documents being signed:

  • Gestational Carrier Agreement (GCA): The contract between Intended Parents and their Surrogate, mediated by a lawyer, that includes compensation and reimbursement agreements according to your Surrogate’s Benefits Package, their health insurance, life insurance policy, as well as the Birthing Process.
  • Pre-birth Order: A legal document that establishes the Intended Parent(s) as the full legal parent(s) of the child before the Surrogate gives birth.
  • Post-birth Order: Similar to a pre-birth order except that the paperwork cannot be filed until after a Surrogate has given birth to your baby.

Myth #4: Single Parents should not pursue surrogacy

“Ultimately, everything we do is grounded in a greater purpose: to help create families for every Intended Parent regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.”

NewGen Mission, 2023

At NewGen, we believe the joy of creating a loving family should not be limited by marital or relationship status. Every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of raising a child. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive support, guidance, and access to a network of professionals who understand and cater to the unique needs of the individual.

Our organization embraces and celebrates the diversity of families that formed through Surrogacy, including those led by Single Parents who possess the capacity to provide a nurturing and enriching upbringing for their child. Embracing this diversity is not just our commitment; it is at the very heart of NewGen’s mission.


Parenthood transcends limitations. Whether you are a Single Parent, working with an agency, or seeking to correct misinformation, Surrogacy is another respectable means of building your family. Let us move forward, leaving these myths behind, and embark on a path illuminated by love, support, and the immense joy of creating a family. 

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