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Nurturing Hope and Creating Families: Your Surrogate Questions Answered

The gift of life is a profound and precious treasure, symbolizing love, hope and legacy. For those who face challenges in conceiving, this gift takes on even greater significance. At NewGen, we believe nobody should be excluded from the joys of welcoming a child into their lives. 

At its core, Gestational Surrogacy enables others to create the family they have always dreamed of. It is an act of unparalleled selflessness, in which a woman generously shares her body and nurtures a new life. Having said that, the decision to become Surrogate is not one to be taken lightly.

At NewGen, we recognize the Surrogate’s position at the heart of the journey. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where she feels deeply appreciated, well-supported, and empowered at every step along the way.

Discover how to become a Surrogate via the NewGen Families Surrogate Program through our Question-and-Answer guide below. 

Why Should I Become a Surrogate at NewGen?

NewGen Families was born out of a vision to redefine the Surrogacy landscape. Our Founder and CEO – Damien Chambers, is a father via Surrogacy himself and has leveraged his own personal experience to innovate the process for all parties involved. This process begins with ensuring our Gestational Carriers are happy, healthy and excited about the journey ahead. 

 “We are a brand of trust, hope and inspiration and believe in the power and beauty of bringing Intended Parents and amazing Surrogates together… We have built tailored programs to provide exceptional levels of service and support to both parties from the very beginning of your journey until you complete your family and beyond

(Damien Chambers on Our Values, CEO)

Our team is proud to offer a range of Unique Selling Points that distinguishes ourselves from other agencies available. Firstly, we have achieved an impressive 100% success rate in matching clients with Surrogates within 0 – 3 months, ensuring a swift and efficient process. Additionally, we have earned endorsements from some of the top clinics in North America. Our team of past Surrogates and leading players in the industry, is not only a testament to our commitment to excellence, but more specifically, the safety and comfort of our Gestational Carriers. 

What truly sets NewGen apart is our continued involvement throughout the pregnancy journey, pre and post-partum. This includes providing our Surrogates access to our 24/7 Surrogate Team Support Line; mediating regular “touch base” sessions with your chosen Intended Parents (IPs), respective Case Coordinators as well as our founder; and last but not least, prioritizing our Surrogates’ autonomy throughout the journey. The freedom for our Surrogates to choose their own compensation amount, qualified (ART) Attorney and IPs, is of utmost importance and will be outlined in your personalized Surrogacy Benefits Package.

NewGen takes pride in fostering a non-transactional relationship, advocating for both Surrogates and Intended Parents alike. We are very excited to announce our first baby will be born in August of 2023, adding to the joy and fulfillment of the NewGen Family.

Do I qualify for the NewGen Families Surrogate Program?

At NewGen, our commitment to diversity means we welcome individuals from all backgrounds to explore the transformative journey of Surrogacy. However, we also realize pregnancy is a unique experience, varying from person to person. In order to ensure the utmost safety and well-being of our Surrogates and the Intended Family, our agency upholds rigorous standards for those interested in qualifying. 

In order to qualify, one must possess the necessary physical, emotional, and psychological attributes to create a nurturing and supportive environment for the child and the Intended Family. 

The requirements include the following:

  • Be Between the ages of 21 – 42, depending on the clinic.
  • Be Financially secure.
  • Live in a Surrogate-friendly state.
  • Have experienced at least one successful full-term pregnancy and delivery.
  • Have experienced uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.
  • Have not experienced more than 3 previous births by cesarean section.
  • Be free of all sexually transmitted infections.
  • Be non-smokers and unexposed to second-hand smoke at home and at work.
  • Be willing to refrain from consuming alcohol throughout the entire pregnancy.

If you are interested in becoming a Surrogate, take our quick quiz to see if you pre-qualify. 

How do I create my NewGen ‘Surrogate Profile’?

Once you have been approved as a Surrogate at NewGen, the next step involves creating your Surrogate Profile. This begins with a comprehensive questionnaire, which may seem complex, but rest assured, our team is available to provide any necessary assistance. The questionnaire serves multiple purposes, including clinic review. Our team will review your answers to gain a deeper understanding of your medical history and preferences for matching. 

You will receive a homework list via email, outlining the documents and items required by NewGen to process your application fully. This list includes providing 5-7 pictures of yourself and your family; a Surrogate letter or video introducing yourself to the intended parents; a completed HIPAA form to facilitate communication with medical professionals; and a Surrogate Benefits Package for inclusion in your Surrogate Profile. 

How does the Matching Process work?

At NewGen, we understand the importance of a strong match between Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents. That is why our team takes great care in maintaining a holistic approach throughout the entire Surrogacy journey, placing equal value on all parties individually and as a team. 

Once our Intended Parents’ embryos are created, we then embark on the journey of finding them a perfect Surrogate! Through careful profile reviews, we strive to create successful matches that lead to your first virtual meetings. These meetings provide a unique opportunity to connect, share stories, and assess compatibility. In addition to our own fulfilling experiences of Surrogacy, the Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences found that open relationships, “marked by emotional openness and direct contact with few or no intermediaries between reproductive parties” (Payne et al., 2020), foster a profound sense of love and connection within the Intended Child’s family unit. 


While the Surrogacy Timeline may appear overwhelming at first, we encourage everyone to embrace the challenges as a chance to forge deep and meaningful connections, ensuring a shared vision for this extraordinary Surrogacy journey.

Join us in this remarkable adventure, where lifelong friendships are born through the transformative power of Surrogacy.

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