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The surrogacy timeline: 5 exciting milestones for Surrogates at NewGen Families to celebrate!

The gestational surrogacy experience: ‘How long does surrogacy take?’

The duration of the surrogacy process can vary significantly depending on many factors, including the time to find a match, and the success of the embryo transfer process. 

Despite pregnancy being a 9-month journey, the surrogacy timeline starts several months before reaching the pregnancy milestone due to the necessary surrogate screening, matching, medical screening, legal, and the embryo transfer processes.

Below is an example of how long the average journey can take, but please note that your timeline will be influenced by many factors.

How long does surrogacy take?

When it comes to inquiries about the surrogacy experience, the question “How long does surrogacy take?” lacks a definitive answer.

The duration of the surrogacy process can vary significantly depending on the type of arrangement. International surrogacy arrangements may require 25 months or even longer, whereas local surrogacy arrangements typically span 18 months.

It’s crucial to understand that, despite pregnancy being a 9-month journey, the surrogacy timeline commences several months before reaching the pregnancy milestone. This is because any successful surrogacy experience requires the coordination of initial screenings, cycles, and medical evaluations with Intended Parents and third parties.

Having said that, we encourage both our Intended Parents and Surrogates not to be disheartened by the extended waiting period needed to meet their newborn. Some of the most crucial surrogacy experiences occur during the phase preceding pregnancy.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the first milestone within the NewGen surrogacy timeline: meeting your dream team!

Milestone 1: Determining your eligibility 

Surrogacy Timeline: Month 0 – 1

The first month is spent working with our team at NewGen Families to determine your eligibility to become a gestational surrogate. 

Matching with Intended Parent/s (Months 1-2)

Once you become a surrogate with NewGen Families (See: 5 reasons why surrogacy agencies are the best option for your surrogacy journey) you begin the matching process to find the right intended parent/s for you. 

Medical Screening and Legal (Months 3 – 6)

Medical Screening

Once matched you will be introduced to your third party coordinator at your intended parent/s IVF clinic. The third-party coordinator plays a critical role in assisting you with the in person medical screening at the IVF clinic and also pre and during the embryo transfer.

Legal Process

Your surrogacy lawyer is another crucial member of your surrogacy team, as they will represent you throughout the process of reviewing and signing the Gestational Carrier Agreement (GCA).

Milestone 2: Embryo transfer 

Surrogacy Timeline: Month 7

By this point, you have been working with the IVF clinic remotely to prepare for the embryo transfer and the day has finally come to travel to the clinic for your embryo transfer. It can be both an exciting time and an anxious time. However, at NewGen Families, you will have a team of experienced surrogates supporting you through every step of this process.

Curious about the embryo transfer procedure? Check out our article on ‘What to expect before, during, and after embryo transfer as a Surrogate’

Milestone 3: Pregnancy milestone 

Surrogacy Timeline: Month 8

The connection between the Surrogate and the Intended Parents strengthens as the journey progresses and the moment a pregnancy is confirmed is a big milestone for you and your intended parent/s.

Celebrating the pregnancy milestone as a Surrogate is a wonderful way to acknowledge the journey’s significance. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this special moment:

Create a Pregnancy Journal: Document your pregnancy journey in a journal. Write about your feelings, experiences, and milestones. It can be a cherished keepsake for both you and the Intended Parents.

Share Pregnancy Milestones with the Intended Parents: Keep the Intended Parents involved in the celebration. Share ultrasound photos, videos of baby kicks, and updates on the pregnancy progress.

Reflect and Meditate: Take time to meditate or reflect on the significance of your role as a Surrogate and the impact it will have.

Write Letters: Write heartfelt letters to the baby and the Intended Parents. Express your hopes and wishes for the child’s future and the joy of being part of their story.

At NewGen Families, we have witnessed the beautiful bonds that have blossomed among many of our clients so we actively support open, loving, and communicative relationships between Surrogates and Intended Parents. We have seen these connections last a lifetime. We believe this is a key aspect that contributes to the success of the journey and personal fulfillment felt by both parties.

Milestone 4: Ultrasounds!

Surrogacy Timeline: Month 9 – 17

Ultrasounds are among the most exciting milestones as a Surrogate and they are also a great moment to share videos and photos of the surrogacy experience with Intended Parents, especially if they do not live locally.

Milestone 5: Birth and Beyond!

Surrogacy Timeline: Months 18 – 21

The most profoundly rewarding milestone in the surrogacy timeline is of course the birth. It’s a testament to your incredible generosity and selflessness in creating a family. However, our commitment to your well-being doesn’t stop at birth. We’re here for you post birth also.

If you are considering this life-changing and life-creating journey, please get in touch with us by filling out this initial 5-minute questionnaire to see if you are eligible.


As our team has demonstrated, the surrogacy timeline is filled with remarkable and sometimes unpredictable milestones, each filled with unique moments of joy and connection. 

From the moment you meet your Third-Party Coordinator to the birth of the baby, the surrogacy experience is guided by love, friendship, and hope. If you feel inspired by these exciting milestones, don’t wait any longer. 

Join NewGen Families on an extraordinary path toward parenthood today!


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