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In this article, we dive into the intricacies of Egg Donation and we’ll start by dispelling five common misconceptions about the Egg Donation process.

Join us as we dive into the definition of Gestational Surrogacy, preparing you on how to address five common questions you may receive as a Surrogate.

Explore what to expect before, during and after Embryo Transfer procedures, and learn more about Surrogacy as an option for infertility. Let's talk Assisted Reproductive Technology!

The answer to the question above, how much do Surrogates get paid?, is not as straightforward as one may assume and responses differ from one Gestational Carrier to another. Join us as we explore Surrogate Compensation and Benefits

At NewGen, we recognize the Surrogate’s position at the heart of the journey. Discover how to become a Surrogate via the NewGen Families Surrogate Program through our Question-and-Answer guide below.

In this article, we introduce our Demystifying Surrogacy series, helping Intended Parents distinguish fact from fiction. So, let's get myth- busting! Discover more about why you should consider Surrogacy at NewGen as an opportunity to grow your family.

Be prepared for your gestational surrogacy journey with our breakdown of costs, grants & fees relating to the IVF & surrogacy process from NewGen Families.

In this article, LMFT Clark S. Marshall shows you why the psychological evaluation is an empowering first step in your journey to become a Surrogate.

In today's article, we interviewed Marin Boggs of the Nevada Fertility Center to shed light on the vital support she provides Surrogates throughout the surrogacy and IVF process.


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